Exercise Equipment to Keep You Fit and Healthy

If you’d prefer to exercise at home, here are some easily affordable items to keep you in trim without blowing your budget. We also tell you how much room you’ll need.

  1. Cardio Training

This can be anything that lets you exercise continuously and safely for at least 20 minutes. You’re aiming to get your heart rate up.

What it can do: help your heart, condition your body, help tone muscle and help with weight loss.

$100 and under: A jump rope, a stepping machine, a step-block, DVDs with aerobic exercise workouts, cable TV exercise channels. (You’ll need about 10 square feet to use these)

  1. Strength Training

This will increase your overall strength.

What it can do: strengthen muscles, give you definition, help with weight loss, lower your risk of osteoporosis.

$100 and under: Hand weights (free weights), a bench that’s lower at one end, strength bands.

(Allow 20 to 30 square feet).

  1. Balance

These pieces of equipment will require that you hold your balance while you’re doing other exercises such as lifting weights or performing crunches.

What it can do: Improve your balance, make your core muscles stronger, improve your posture and improve stamina.

Under $30: stability balls (make sure they’re Non-burst-resistant), balance dome or disc pillows.

$50-$150: stability balls (make sure they’re Non-burst-resistant), foam exercise pad, wobble boards.

(Foam pads are generally around 5 feet x 3 feet.  Wobble boards need about 20 square feet of space).

  1. Flexibility Training

This is to help you make your muscles more flexible which will improve all areas of exercise.

What it can do: Improve muscle tone, improve your overall fitness and help to lower your risk of injury when doing any exercises.

$50 and under: a slant board, stretching bands, foam rollers.

(10 to 20 square feet).

$200 and over: A pilates machine or stretch machine. (35 to 50 square feet).

Check out Amazon’s range of home exercise equipment.

  1. Guidance

We know that this isn’t equipment but it’s a very good place to start. You need proper instructions, whether you get them from a personal trainer or simply buy a DVD.

What it can do: Lower your risk of getting injured, increase the benefits of your workout and get you the best results – safely.

$50 an hour and under: Go to your nearest gym and ask about the prices for working out with a trainer. It’s worth it, even if you just do one session to get a safe exercise regime worked out.

$100 per hour and up: If you really want to avoid the gym and workout at home, get a personal trainer in for an hour to make sure you’re exercising correctly and safely.                                                Image Credit: entrenar.me

You can find your nearest personal trainer from this directory.

Source: webmd

Researchers Say Mediterranean Diet Can Reverse Metabolic Syndrome

A recent study [1] says that people with Metabolic Syndrome may be able to reverse their condition.

In the trial, Spanish researchers took men and women aged between 55 and 80 who were high risk for developing heart disease. They were each randomly given one of three diets:

  •         Mediterranean diet with added extra-virgin olive oil
  •         Mediterranean diet with added nuts
  •         low-fat diet

Almost 64% of the participants had metabolic syndrome at the start of the study. When they followed up almost 5 years later, the researchers found that those in the 2 Mediterranean diet groups lowered their obesity and blood sugar levels and 28.2% no longer had metabolic syndrome.

Source: Science Daily


  1. http://www.cmaj.ca/content/early/2014/10/14/cmaj.140764